Your Bass Muting Technique Sounds Like S**t – How to Fix It

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Without good bass muting technique, the notes you *mean* to play will get smothered by the rumbling racket of ringing strings.

1:00 - What Is Bass Muting?
1:16 - Sympathetic Vibration Can Destroy You
2:13 - Muting Fix #1: The Thumb Mute
2:42 - Fix #2: The Pull Across
3:43 - Fix #3: The Sneaky Finger
4:05 - “You Give Love A Bad Name” Tutorial
4:40 - “Bad Name” Muting Walkthrough
5:41 - Fretting Hand Muting is Hard
6:01 - Fix #4: The String Sitter
6:59 - Fix #5: The Flat Hand
7:43 - “Bad Name” Muting Revisited
8:56 - The Big Bass Muting Test
9:57 - “Bad Name” Play-along

Muting means keeping strings from ringing that you don’t want ringing so that your bass lines sound clean and clear - and not like a muddy inaudible mess.

In this lesson I’ll walk you through the five muting fixes most pro bass players to keep ringing and noise out of the picture.

Fixes #1, #2, and #3 will start with your plucking hand, giving you a solid foundation for keeping your low strings muted. I’ll show you each fix, and then we’ll put them into action with the main riff from Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love A Bad Name.”

But plucking hand muting is only part of the bass muting equation - we need to get the fretting hand in to finish the job. Fixes #4 and #5 will show you how to keep your higher strings quiet with a couple simple tweaks.

Getting the plucking hand muting together is something most beginners can handle with some practice. But nailing the fretting hand muting will take more time, well into your intermediate stage of development. So don’t expect to nail fixes #4 and #5 on day 1 - get your plucking hand tight first, then start working on the fretting hand.

We’ll try out all 5 fixes with “The Big Bass Muting Test,” where you can make sure there are no holes in your muting. Then we’ll wrap up and play some Bon Jovi together.

There may be some terrible singing in the last 20 seconds - I plead insanity.

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-Josh Fossgreen

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