Top 5 Jeff Porcaro Drum Beats of All Time

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Jeff Porcaro Rosanna. Jeff Porcaro Hold the Line. Jeff Porcaro Toto. Jeff Porcaro Boz Scaggs. Jeff Porcaro...ok, ok, you get it...I could go on and on. Few names in drumming inspire such awe, such reverence, such admiration. Jeff Porcaro's drumming and drum career, not unlike Steve Gadd's career, speak for themselves...he's drummed on more albums than most of us have listened to in our lifetimes. He created some of the most iconic pop music drumming out there, was a part of the rock super group Toto, and has inspired countless drummers to follow in his shoes. In this drum lesson I break out my all time favorite drum beats by Jeff Porcaro: Lido Shuffle, Lowdown, Mushanga, I Keep Forgettin', and Hold the Line.

These are MY personal all time favs...what's your all time favorite Jeff Porcaro drum beat?

Grab the sheet music for this Jeff Porcaro drum lesson here.

I hope you found this Jeff Porcaro lesson fun and helpful!!

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