The Ever Changing Music Industry

Everyone knows that the music industry has been turned upside down. The days of getting signed to a record label and hoping to be in the 1% that actually turn a profit are fading alongside our music CD's.

In comes the age of the musician being their own small business owner who no longer relies on someone to “pick” them and give them a hand up. Anyone from anywhere with any level of ability can now record their own music and release it, either free or for profit online.

With this new business model, one wonders if there is an over proliferation of music to the point that it is now losing its value. People now decide whether or not they think something is worth purchasing. The flip side of this as you already know is that there's so much music free online that a majority of people feel all music should be free.

Today's artists, because of this new mindset, are having a much more difficult time selling their music and gaining any ground getting their music heard. It has become much more challenging to breakthrough all the noise and information that is available on line. Like any market that gets flooded with a product there comes a time when the consumer no longer deems it valuable. It lessens the overall quality of product being released for public consumption.

There are thousands of people today producing YouTube videos of covers and original material. The quality of talent is all over the map from incredibly talented to the ultra-amateur all blended together in a YouTube soup. There is no longer a way for people to discern quality from average. Maybe that's the way it should be when it comes to an art which is so subjective. Remember the saying, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Maybe music is only great if the person listening believes it is for them.

With the falling away of a hierarchy that use to be in charge of choosing music that would get their stamp of approval, it leaves the door open for others who would have been left out of the equation.

We will continue moving forward in this rapidly changing industry. Then we will come to the next delivery system that will be offering a new way to access music.

I wonder what the future of music will look like??

Until next time keep making music!

-Lisa Leitl - MU Columnist
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