The 10 Rules of Bass Playing (That Pros Break)

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Are rules meant to be broken? Here are 10 commonly taught “bass rules” - let’s see why the pros break ‘em, and if you should too.

0:00 - Teacher Josh is very stern.
0:29 - Rule #1
1:35 - Rule #2
2:36 - Rule #3
3:37 - Rule #4
4:29 - Rule #5
5:35 - Rule #6
6:46 - Rule #7
7:47 - Rule #8
9:20 - Rule #9
10:12 - Rule #10 Check out @The-Art-of-Guitar Mike's “Rules Pro Guitarists Break” video

According to Teacher Josh’s “proper” bass rules -
* Geddy Lee is plucking too hard
* James Jamerson doesn’t use enough fingers
* Chris Squire doesn’t either, but on the other hand
* Louis Johnson’s hand is all wrong
* Rocco Prestia’s fretting technique is a mess
* Robert Trujillo’s bass is too many miles from his head
* Peter Hook should be penalized by the FAA for flying that high
* Victor Wooten’s tone doesn’t count as “bass tone”
* Billy Sheehan don’t know enough theory to play that good
* Sting is missing the most important beat in his bass lines

As you may suspect... I disagree!

In this lesson I’ll explain in detail why these legendary bassists are “breaking the rules,” and how it can improve (or hurt) your playing to follow their lead.

And at the end, I’ll challenge Teacher Josh to see if he can actually play the bass...

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-Josh Fossgreen

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