Successful Musicians Believe in Themselves

Some people say it's resources, luck, background or connections that create successful people. Whereas I surely agree that all these and many other factors influence the path of every musician, the most contributing factor to achieving something musically significant as a musician is self-belief. Without this key ingredient, there's not a lot that could help you.

The biggest difference I've noticed between successful musicians and unsuccessful musicians isn't intelligence or opportunity or resources. It's the belief that they can make their musical goals happen.

To put yourself on the track to achieving what you want to as musician, you need to understand that your brain always plays against you. It doesn't care about your big musical goals; the only thing it wants is to keep you alive. Therefore, we experience procrastination, self-doubt, negative thinking, anxiety and so on. The sure-fire way to overcome these obstacles is to not believe in them and to truly believe in yourself as a musician. Honestly, if you don't believe you're going to succeed at your goals as a musician, then how on earth would anybody else?

The first thing is to absolutely believe your music inside of you is worth creating and allowing to live on musical instruments. If you are not confident enough, you'll break at the first musical obstacle and not allow this flow of music from you. The only way to get through these musical obstacles is by being confident enough that you can and will. This confidence comes from within, from the deep belief in yourself and your musical abilities.

There's that one musical goal you have in mind for a long time. You know what it takes to get there and you know the examples of people who did it successfully. Now that the path is clear, what you need is to believe that you can do it as well, and then take action as a musician.

By creating that positive attitude, you realize that what separates you from accomplishing your goals as a musician is just the matter of time and work. This feeling of being closer to your musical target drastically increases your chances of hitting it.

Once you literally see yourself arriving at your desired musical finish line with a musical piece, you are highly motivated to work toward your musical goal. You know it's doable and within your reach, so you attempt until you finally get there. Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference in your life as a musician.

Being negative and envisioning the worst musical scenario is the easiest way to never achieve your musical goals. Due to self-belief, your musical attitude becomes the right one. There's no way to convince a musician with the wrong mindset that they can. Same goes for telling people with a positive attitude as musicians that they can't. Once you replace negative thoughts about yourself as a musician with positive ones, you'll start having positive musical results.

How many times did you tell yourself you can't? I used to do it way too often. Finding an excuse that seems reasonable is incredibly easy, since our brains love to rationalize. By feeding your brain with positive thinking and self-belief affirmations, you create no space for pessimistic thoughts. And even when they arrive from time to time, your confident attitude beats them instantly.

I think the most important way for musicians to believe in themselves is to always be prepared. If you are prepared and have internalized the musical piece you are trying to play there is no room for self-doubt.

Another way is to play as much as possible in front of other people. Music does not live in a vacuum so why not share your musical talents with other people and let your listeners become a part of the process of giving true life to your musical talents!!

In closing, happy music making everyone!!

-Robbie Taylor - MU Columnist

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