Secret to Moeller Stroke Revealed in Slow Motion

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The Moeller stroke, or Moeller method, was a mystery to me for quite a long time. It took me far too long to understand what made this technique work...the whipping motion. That is the core of it. Even at fast tempos, the whipping motion is apparent, just in a condensed form. For me, slow motion helps reveal this.

The Moeller stroke drum technique is named for the drummer Sanford A. Moeller, as described in his book The Art of Snare Drumming, also called The Moeller Book. It is believed that he described the method after observing drummers who had fought in the Civil War in the 19th century. He later taught the system to Jim Chapin in 1938 and 1939. Chapin worked to popularize this method until his death in 2009 (from Wikipedia).

The Moeller stroke is a powerful drumming tool. The key to it is the drum whipping motion that allows the drummer to improve hand speed, power, and control while also allowing the flexibility to add accented notes at will. When combined with other techniques, it also allows the drummer to leverage the natural energy created within the stroke for multiple bounces with very little effort!!

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