Practicing Drums – What Nobody is Telling You

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I sat down for an in depth conversation with Marc Dicciani on the topic of practice. Marc is the Dean of the College of Performing Arts and is Professor of Drumset and Music Business at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

He has made concert appearances with a wide variety of artists and ensembles including Randy Brecker, Pat Martino, Stanley Clarke, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Natalie Cole, Ben Vereen, Tom Kennedy, Gerald Veasley, The Boston Pops, Philadelphia Orchestra, and the National Symphony Orchestra.

Dicciani has lectured, conducted clinics, and performed at countless colleges in the US and abroad and has presented at numerous music conferences. He's also one of the most well studied individuals that I've ever met on the topic of efficient practice, virtual practice, how the brain works when practicing, and a lot of other nerdy topics related to improving the time we spend on our instrument.

This is an area that I have studied now for years. The things I have learned have not only improved my own practice time, but that of my students!!

Check out Marc's website here.

I hope you found this discussion on practice helpful!!

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