Minor Blues – 5 Important Sounds to Know and How to Use Them

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In this video I am going to show you some longer melodic ideas or licks with arpeggios and use different minor sounds on a Cm blues. It’s going to show you how to really get these sounds across and also how to create some great licks with the diatonic arpeggios, also some of the other great arpeggios available like quartal harmony and shell voicings!!

You can of course also use these ideas in a modal situation on a minor chord because the minor blues really is in between the modal and the functional harmony.

I am going to cover some of the more common scale sounds and those that are a little less common or even outside. I'll also cover how the nature of the arpeggios demonstrates some odd note grouping ideas.

In this Lesson:

* Minor scale options on a Minor Blues (Inside and Outside)
* Arpeggio Based Licks or Melodic Ideas
* Material for Modal and Minor Blues Progressions
* How to Make Melodies with Diatonic Arpeggios

Thanks so much for checking out my weekly lesson at Musicians Unite!! I hope you found this minor blues lesson interesting and helpful!!

Please check back next week for another lesson, and in the meantime please catch up with me on my website and social media pages!!

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