Learn The Most Recognizable Rock Drum Solo – Tom Sawyer

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The case could be made that this is THE most recognizable drum solo in rock and roll history!! It helps that it was in a hit song. It also helps that Neil Peart KILLED it on the drum break on this song. The drum solo in the Rush song "Tom Sawyer" has confused many drummers for a long time. This drum lesson will definitely help you with that.

I break it down note for note, talk about some popular misunderstandings with what is being played, and play it for you slow and fast. If you've ever wanted to learn the drum solo in this song, this is the lesson for ya!!

Download the sheet music for this Neil Peart lesson on "Tom Sawyer" for free here.

I hope you found this lesson on Neil Peart's classic solo both helpful and fun!! Please post any questions or thoughts in the comments section below!!

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