Innovative Ways to Promote Your Gig

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Do you remember Wayne's World 2 when Wayne is organizing his music festival? He's becoming increasingly concerned about selling tickets. But then Jim Morrison shows up in a dream and says "If you build it, they will come." And suddenly there is an audience for the festival and all the acts turn up to play. If only promoting and selling gig tickets in real life was as simple. However, don't despair, there are plenty of ways that you boost ticket sales and gain some new fans.

Run a Facebook Competition

Would you like to win a pair of tickets to the gig? Simply comment, like the page and share this post. For the price of 2 tickets you have now gained new followers, who are continuing to share the fact that you have a gig coming up, and passing this information on to like-minded friends. You can share information on how to obtain tickets for sale and future events. A competition will get some great social media engagement, excellent publicity, and it hasn't cost anything to advertise. Even better if you can use it as an opportunity to interact with potential fans. Ask them a question, or share a photo. They are more likely to become involved in your future marketing campaign if you are personally interested in your follower's opinions.

Many Hands Make Light Work

If you get others involved in selling your gig tickets, then the job is far easier. Try and get the friends and families of band members involved in making your gig a success. They are more likely to sell lots of tickets if you create a reward system, even if it's just a token amount. For instance; Sell 20 tickets and receive a $10 gift voucher. Sell 40 tickets and receive a $20 gift voucher and a mug. Or offer them a free set of tickets to future events, so that they know they are a valued member of the team.

Offer Acoustic Taster Gigs

The only way to get your music heard is to set it free from the rehearsal space and get it out there. Do a little local tour around the bars and pubs in the vicinity of the gig that you are promoting. Perform a song or two acoustically and use this publicity as a vehicle to sell tickets to the main event. It will help to widen your audience and create an exciting vibe about the music.

If you are promoting your gig and looking to sell tickets, sometimes it helps to think a bit bigger than simply advertising online, or putting some posters up. Getting your music out there and heard will get you new fans, and allow you to put on more gigs in the future!!

-Sally Writes - MU Columnist
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