Idiot-Proof Bass Chords – 2 Easy Chords for Any Song or Jam

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Get started with bass chords and avoid the mud with these 2 easy shapes.

Bass Chord Progressions Cheat Sheet

0:42 - Why Triads Are Tricky on Bass
1:49 - Ditching the Mud with Tenths
3:10 - How to Play Tenths
4:31 - Buffalo Springfield “For What It’s Worth”
5:33 - Fleetwood Mac “Dreams”
6:49 - Alicia Keys “Fallin”
8:07 - Making Up Songs with Tenths
8:58 - Chord Progressions Made Easy
11:51 - Let’s Write a Song

Bass chords can be awesome, but they can also be a huge muddy mess.

In this lesson, I’ll show you 2 easy bass chord shapes that work in any situation, anywhere on the bass (without sounding muddy).

Triads, the most common type of chord in rock/pop music, can cause problems on bass without some tweaking. So I’ll show you how we can take a basic triad and hack it apart into the super-usable chord shapes you’ll learn in this video.

Then I’ll show you how to play these two bass chord shapes, which are called “tenths,” in detail with fretting and plucking tips. (don’t worry, they’re super beginner-friendly)

After that we’ll jump right into playing some music along with Buffalo Springfield, Fleetwood Mac, and Alicia Keys.

But how do you know how to use these shapes to make your own music? It can be hit or miss to just guess without any theory. I’ll take you through the basic formula that most popular music uses, so you can come up with your own chord progressions that sound naturally good.

Then we’ll finish up by using the chord progression formula to write a quick song together. Plus I do some really good singing at 14:15.

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-Josh Fossgreen

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