How To Play Reggae Drums – No Woman, No Cry – The One Drop

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I always love songs that give a great example of a drum beat. The reggae drum beat used in this song by Bob Marley is the perfect example of a one drop. In this video I break out the entire song as well as the fills that happen in it!!

A little info about the song title: The title and main refrain, "No Woman, No Cry" is rendered "No, woman, nuh cry" in Jamaican Patois. The "nuh" is pronounced with a short schwa vowel (a "mumbled" vowel, often represented as "uh" in spelling) and represents a clitic ("weakened") form of "no". It is the equivalent to the contraction "don't". A more correct interpretation would be "No, Woman, Don't Cry". The song is about growing up in the ghetto and persuading a woman that things will get better, entreating her not to cry.

Download the sheet music for this song here.

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