How to Play Hysteria on Bass (10 Simple Steps + Tabs)

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Sick of struggling to play Hysteria? This step-by-step lesson will take you to the finish line and level-up your overall playing.

0:00 - Noob Josh can’t play Hysteria
0:35 - Speed Blasts
1:22 - Challenge 1
3:09 - Challenge 1 Playalong
4:04 - Epic Endurance
4:24 - Challenge 2
5:09 - Challenge 2 Playalong
6:09 - Open String Bounce
7:28 - Challenge 3-5
8:21 - Challenges 3-5 Playalong
8:51 - Fuel Efficient Fretting
10:05 - Challenges 6-8
11:44 - Challenges 6-8 Playalong
12:06 - Tone Aficionado
12:24 - Challenge 9
13:17 - Challenge 10
14:03 - The Final Showdown
14:32 - Final Showdown Playalong

Get the full Hysteria bass tab + sheet music There’s a moment in every bassist’s life when we decide we want to learn Hysteria - but why do we struggle with it so much?

In this lesson I’ve broken the Hysteria bass riff into mini step-by-step challenges, so by the end of this video you can glue them all together and legit play the whole riff.

The first couple challenges will focus on your plucking speed and endurance, which is the engine that drives the Hysteria train. (okay, enough of that analogy)

Then we’ll go through some of the easier fretting pieces, training up on the “open string bounce,” followed by some of the gnarlier notes with plenty of fretting advice.

Getting the Hysteria bass tone is half the fun of playing this tune, so our final challenges will cover how to do a decent Wolstenholme impression.

Then we’ll wrap it all up, playing the challenges in sequence until we get to the final form of the riff. (and don’t miss the secret boss level at the very end)

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-Josh Fossgreen

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