How to Go From a Good Band to a Great Band

There are many factors to this statement. There are several things we all as musicians need to do in order to have a great band. The main one though is passion for the music and for the band itself. Each musician should view their band members like family. Brothers and sisters working in sync with one another to accomplish whatever goals they’ve set to attain.

The best way I know of to accomplish this task is to rehearse. We do rehearsals in the band room and at home individually. Each member should do his or her homework, and make time for it regardless what other obligations are required in life. To be a musician to me means music rates as one of life's top four commitments: God, mate, family, and work. Regardless of what day job you have, your music precedes it in importance.

If it doesn't, then admit it, you're not cut from the musicians mold. You must feel that life without your performing as a musician is intolerable and inconceivable, and if that's not the case, move on to something else, by all means.

Band members stand with each other in all things music. That is how each member will show their determination. And their dedication should be focused as a team, ready to support each other accordingly. The passion, determination, dedication, and patience of the musician induce his or her heart's desires then they become true.

Become strong minded, and work hard to learn whatever musical ambitions are desired. And with this mindset, push onward toward the path to greatness, and all of these qualities will help a good band become a great band. Remember, it's not about the instruments or each individual player, it's about the music.

My band and I believe that we didn't choose music, it chose us. And by giving our fans the shows they expect is us growing in appreciation of our musical lifestyle. This is our path to being a great band. We also know, no matter how great a band is, not every person who hears your songs will become a diehard fan. We can't please everyone, but we sure love to try. Music is our life, and we love it, and my friends, this fact will never change.

-JD Couch - MU Columnist
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