How REAL Drum Practice Sounds – Flams on the Drum Set

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You know I always try to give you an honest look at this drumming journey. I teach, yes, but I'm also a student. And I am always trying to constantly push myself. This is a series of exercises I'm in the process of developing for applying the flam rudiment to the drum set. As you will see, I sound pretty bad at the moment. I'm ok with that. I'm supposed to sound bad. But eventually, I will sound better. And once that happens, I'll need to find a way to sound bad again so that I can keep moving forward. This is the cycle. It's the only path forward.

If you sound good when you are practicing, you aren't practicing. You are reviewing.

For it to be REAL drum practice, there must be some element (to you) that currently sounds bad and must be made better. This differs for different drummers. If you are at a more advanced level, you may be working on your timing. Being one with the click. To a less experienced player, you may sound great. But to the more experienced player, they hear what you are trying to fix. If you are more of a beginner, you may just be trying to play a steady beat. Our flaws are much more obvious to the non-discerning ear when we are first starting out. As you improve, casual listeners will not be able to hear the problem you may be trying to fix. And that's ok. The point is that TO YOU there is something broken that must be fixed.

Once you begin to sound "good", you must find a way to break things again. To present a new challenge that makes you stop and think. That is the way forward.

Trust me, these are not my favorite videos to post. They show me at my rawest. But in a day where the internet allows everyone to only show their polished side, some of you need to see others having the same struggles you have!!

I hope you found this longer video of me practicing helpful!! Please post any questions or thoughts in the comments section below!!

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