How I Stopped Hating Drum Rolls

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Drum rolls. One of the things drummers spend so much of their drumming practice time working on. But I gotta be honest...when I first started out, I HATED DRUM ROLLS. I simply didn't see the application on the kit for them. Most of the songs I listened to...well...they didn't even have ONE drum roll in them. No 5 stroke roll. No 17 stroke roll. No 10 stroke roll. I started gigging very early on and so most of my practice time was spent working on things directly relating to a gig. And most of the time, those gigs didn't involve drum rolls (excluding orchestra type stuff). But then I stumbled on something in my practice time that opened up my eyes to just how many thousands of applicable drum roll combinations there are. And wouldn't you know it, the more I listened to the classic players, the more I heard their application of them.

I hope you found these roll tips helpful!!

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