Hardest Drum Exercise Ever

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Time to hear me sound bad again lol. Over the years there is one exercise that I have constantly come back to. I've seen it in multiple books (Gary Chaffee's Patterns series, John Wooten's book I'm working out of in this video, recently in Mark Guiliana's book) and no matter how long I play it, I've always found room for improvement. And it's a simple drum exercise. That's the problem though...it's deceptively simple. To be able to change to a new subdivision with complete accuracy. Such a needed and challenging skill.

This is a half hour practice session of timing exercises. I've been running these types of exercises at slow tempos for weeks. Because it's deep drum work. It's hard. And it improves the underlying function of what we actually do as drummers...dealing with time!!

I hope you found this practice session on dealing with time helpful!! Please post any questions or thoughts in the comments section below!!

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