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Tips From the Studio - The home studio.

I want to clear up the myth that home studio means something less than a "pro" studio. Let's face the fact that all studios are in a building somewhere and with today's equipment and technology it is relatively easy to capture and produce high quality recordings in your home based studio.

Whether it is your garage, spare room, or living room you can achieve great recordings if you get set up and started right. I hope to in this and future articles guide you through many of these steps and share some of my experiences both in my successes and failures. And believe me every failure has lead me to a success...

I would like to start here by talking about the room you choose. With any room the main thing you want to avoid is reflections. I know we all sound great singing in the shower as those reflections bounce back to our ears, but since we have the technology to add these reflections or reverb to our recordings later in the mix down and mastering, the less of these we have on the original track will make a cleaner sounding recording.

There are many ways to stop these reflections. I have seen everything from cardboard egg cartons stapled to walls, egg crate style mattress foam, carpet and many other foam products. Many of your music supply retailers will sell studio foam kits. These kits will work if you understand where to place the pads and offer a sensational look, but I find these kits a little less than cost effective.

One of my favorite products is called sound board. It is made from recycled fibers and comes in a 4' x 8'x 1/2" sheets and can be found in the insulation department at most of your large home improvement stores. It is fairly light weight and can easily be attached over your existing wall materials or the open rafters of your garage ceiling without much added structural weight. I built my own studio building on my home property and covered the complete interior with it. Not only did it knock out all reflections but it also canceled about 97% of the exterior noise and vice versa, and it contained about 75% of the interior volume levels. I found it very cost effective and easy on my budget.

I wish you all the best and I hope you are as excited as I get when building a studio room! Check back next week for my next installment!!

Whatever it is that Rocks your world, I hope it Rocks today!!

-Ray Cox II - MU Columnist
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