Gear Fear- Let’s Talk Effects, Pickups, Amps, & Guitars

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We've all experienced bad GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) at one point or another. Think back on a time when you purchased a piece of gear, got super excited to bring it home, only to face the disappointing realization that you didn't need it, or worse, have no idea how to use it. That's what I like to call GAS pains!

During this broadcast I'm going to show you how to navigate your GAS issue.

Let's talk about what kind of gear you actually need, and the order you should purchase gear in to avoid ending up with an island of misfit toys at home. We can also talk about how to avoid gear hype and only get the stuff you'll really use. No need to have gear fear. I'll give you some great tips to help you understand what you're buying for your guitar and why!! With our global community growing by the day, I want to make myself as accessible as possible for YOU. You can now text 1-833-744-0154 to get in touch with me and ask questions!!

Thanks for watching this lesson featured here at Musicians Unite, I hope you found this lesson helpful!!

Check back next week for another video!! In the meantime, please check out my website and social media pages!!

-Erich Andreas - MU Educator
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