From Music Theory to Music – A Jazz Guitar Lesson

In this video I will go over 3 music theory ideas that I use all the time in my own playing! They will help you use pentatonic scales and find some more arpeggio options for your jazz licks!

Learning music theory is of course a part of learning guitar. Jazz guitar especially is often considered theory heavy, but in fact you can really easily start using some of your theory to make music. If you apply the things you learn you will remember them better and get more out of them so that is certainly something you should consider in your jazz guitar practice.

In this video I will go over 3 theoretical ideas and then show you how you can directly turn them into music and hopefully it will give you some more ideas that you can add to your jazz guitar improvisation or compositions!!

Thanks so much for checking out my weekly lesson at Musicians Unite!! I hope you found this music theory discussion helpful!!

Please check back next week for another lesson, and in the meantime please catch up with me on my website and social media pages!!

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