Drum Throne Posture – Preventing Back Pain and Increasing Performance

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This was taken from a livestream I did for the members of the Drum Better Daily program. Drumming with back pain is a topic I discuss often with drummers. It's a very common issue whether it's low back drumming pain, mid back drumming pain, or neck drumming pain.

If you plan on playing the drums, this is a topic every beginner drummer, intermediate drummer, and advanced drummer should put some thought into!!

Good news though...a few simple adjustments to how you sit at the drums can have a MASSIVE impact on back pain that comes as a result of sitting at the drums for extended periods of time!!

Here's two must have books on this topic:

8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back

Anatomy of Drumming: Move Better, Feel Better, Play Better

I hope you found this ergonomic lesson helpful!! Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts on drumming and back pain!!

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Stephen Taylor - MU Educator
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