Constructing Chords – A Summary

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As we move through the holidays and into the end of the year a little bit of revision is probably called for. Holidays and new material don’t go together well!!

This week, we're discussing a brief summary of how chords are constructed.

Major Chords – Must contain the 1st, 3rd and if extended the 7th:

Minor Chords – Must contain 1st, b3 and if extended a b7:

Dominant – Must contain 1st, 3rd and b7:

Sus Chords – Replace the 3rd with the scale degree specified:

Augmented Chords – Sharpen the 5th:

Dominant Altered Chords – Play the 1st, 3rd, b7 and adjust the other notes as specified:

Minor Altered Chords - Play the 1st, b3rd, b7 and adjust the other notes as specified:

Happy Holidays everyone, I hope you get lots of playing in and have a wonderful time!!

-Duncan Richardson - MU Columnist

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