Chords and Modes – Joining Them Together

Over the course of my last couple of articles we have looked at Diatonic Chords and Modes.

These two subjects go hand in hand. Each Mode starts on a different scale degree and can be summarised as follows:

This table can help us to decide what scale to use for a melody if we are given a chord sequence, or enable us to write a chord sequence in a given mode.

As I’ve mentioned before, the Major Scale sequence of chords is M7, m7, m7, M7, 7th, m7, dim7. If we follow the table, a sequence in Dorian would start on II and would therefore be m7, m7, M7, 7th, m7, dim7, M7.

So, if you work out what notes are in a Mode you can also work out the corresponding chords.

Previously we worked out that starting from C the notes in the Modes would be:

So a sequence in C Dorian would be made up of the following chords:

Cm7, Dm7, EbMaj7, F7, Gm7, Adim7, BMaj7

Mixolydian would start on V and follow the pattern 7th, m7, dim7, M7, m7, m7, M7. So those chords would be: C7, Dm7, Edim7, FMaj7, Gm7, Am7, BbMaj7.

Try and follow this through for the other modes, as practice always helps this make a bit more sense!!

So until next time, keep practicing those modes!!

-Duncan Richardson - MU Columnist

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