Charlie Christian – Jazz Guitar Ahead of Its Time

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I'll bet you did not think Charlie Christian would be playing the type of arpeggios that he does in this solo!! I was really surprised when I was checking it out. I guess that he was very literally playing the changes.

In this Charlie Christian lesson I go over 5 examples from the solo and discuss the material he uses.

The examples show how Charlie was already using a lot of bebop ideas in his playing. The examples also show he crafted a lot of his lines in the solo, which is very interesting.

This is a simple one chorus solo on the swing standard "I've Found a New Baby". But actually, it is pretty insane all the stuff that is in here if you think about the fact that it was recorded in the 1940's!!

Thanks so much for checking out my weekly lesson at Musicians Unite!! I hope you found this lesson on Charlie Christian both interesting and helpful!!

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