Bulletproof Beginner Bass Fills – 3 Simple Steps

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Creating bass fills doesn’t have to be that hard - here’s a simple 3 step process you can use without mega chops or theory skills.

0:31 - Pick A Rhythm
1:58 - Rhythm Demo
3:07 - Pick A Shape
3:30 - Root Fifth Octave
5:24 - Major Triangle Shape
6:06 - Minor Triangle Shape
6:49 - Root Fifth Octave Play-along
8:40 - Major Play-along
9:19 - Minor Play-along

Extended Jam Tracks:


Step 1 is to pick a rhythm. Because even if the notes in your fill are garbage, if you really sell the rhythm, it’ll still kinda work. I’ll explain where fills usually go in a song, how long they can last, and how to come up with a rhythm to fill the space.

Also Phil Collins will appear randomly. Be warned.

Step 2 is to pick a shape. Bass shapes are the simplest way to pick notes for a fill or bass line, so we’ll walk through 3 different shapes you can use on different types of chords.

I explain bass shapes fully in this video if you want to dig in more here.

Step 3 is to stick the rhythm and the shape together. I’ll show you how to do that, and we’ll try a bunch of different fills together, so by the end of the video you’re ready to create your own bass fills, no problem.

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-Josh Fossgreen

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