Boring Bass Lines Fixed – With 1 Simple Walkup Trick

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Inject life into your boring beginner bass lines with these simple (but legit) walkup patterns - no theory required.

0:00 - L’intro
1:02 - Walkup Basics
2:29 - How Kim Deal Uses Walkups
3:52 - Playalong: “Hey” by The Pixies
4:48 - How to Walk Down
5:05 - How John McVie Uses Walkdowns
6:23 - Playalong: “Gold Dust Woman” by Fleetwood Mac
7:03 - How Verdine White Walks Both Ways
7:34 - Playalong: “Can’t Hide Love” by Earth Wind & Fire
8:01 - Unboring Your Bass Lines Ex. 1
10:25 - Unboring Your Bass Lines Ex. 2

It actually doesn’t take in-depth theory knowledge to play interesting bass lines.

In this video I’ll show you some easy bass patterns you can use to avoid ploddy, run of the mill bass playing.

We’ll start with a classic 2-note walkup pattern, modeled for us by Kim Deal of The Pixies on “Hey”. I’ll break down how this pattern works, and later you’ll practice sticking it on your own bass lines.

Then we flip the pattern on its head and look at some walk *downs*, with the help of John McVie’s bass line on Fleetwood Mac’s “Gold Dust Woman.”

We can put these together in the same bass line too - I’ll show you how Verdine White did it in “Can’t Hide Love” by Earth Wind & Fire. (dance moves not included)

Now you’ve got the basics - it’s time to apply these directly to a boring bass line. We’ll try out a few of the many versions of a walkup/walkdown flavored bass line, and I’ll give you a troubleshooting hack to make these patterns even more foolproof.

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-Josh Fossgreen

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