Better Bass Tone with “The Producer Switch” (costs $0)

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What if you could flip a switch to magically get the perfect bass tone for any song? The power is in your plucking hand...

0:00 - Lee Sklar’s “Producer Switch”
1:20 - The Physics of Plucking Position
1:55 - Setting Up Your Producer Switch
3:36 - The Switch in Action: Reggae Playalong
5:48 - Disco Playalong
6:45 - Rock Playalong Where you place your plucking hand has just as much power as buying new gear or turning knobs. In this lesson I’ll show you Lee Sklar’s secret “producer switch” so you can stop GAS’ing and confidently pick the right tone for the music.

You’ll hear plenty of demos of how these positions sound in the video - plus I’ll show you the frequency spectrum while I change position, so you can actually *see* the difference in tone.

Then we’ll dig into how you can actually learn to use the right position at the right time. I’ll spill the beans on which one’s the most common (and safest) plucking position in most styles of music, plus an easy cheatsheet for deciding when to move to your other plucking zones.

Finally, I’ll let you test these positions in three different styles of music, so you can start to get a feel for how they affect the sound in a band context. Play along with me in the video, and then make sure you use that Soundcloud link above to really dig in and absorb the power of “the producer switch.”

Here's that full interview clip with Lee Sklar.

And his performance video from his killer YouTube channel.

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-Josh Fossgreen

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