Beginner Bass Mistakes – 5 Tips to Suck Less

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I’m gonna give you 5 tips to ditch the beginner bass mistakes that you're probably making.

Tip #1 is about avoiding the main mistake that beginners make with their plucking technique. I’ll give you a simple test to make sure you’re plucking like a pro.

Another big beginner bass mistake is worrying about gear too much. For Tip #2, I’ll show you why it doesn’t matter all that much, and that gear should never hold you back from sounding legit and moving forward with your playing.

Next up, Tip #3 will make sure you don’t have a case of ‘beginner-itis’ in your fretting hand - can you guess what we’ll fix? (A lot of people miss this one without a good teacher, especially people coming over from guitar.)

Tip #4 contains some important info about the ‘talent’ myth, and why you can TOTALLY learn bass even if you don’t think you can.

We’ll finish up in Tip #5 by dialing in your plucking tone even more, and playing some music together. I’m positive you’ll be able to integrate all these tips because we’ll apply them in context as you watch the video.

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-Josh Fossgreen

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