Bassist Answers Google’s Top Bass VS Guitar Questions

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Can guitarists play bass? Which one should you play? Here’s the lowdown on 10 of Google’s top bass vs. guitar questions.

0:00 All Your Bass
0:13 Is bass the same as guitar?
0:46 Is bass easier than guitar?
1:42 Should I learn guitar or bass first?
2:27 Can guitarists play bass?
3:12 Can a guitar be used as a bass?
3:52 Do bassists use chords like guitarists?
4:23 Do bassists use capos like guitarists?
4:42 Why is it harder to hear bass than guitar?
5:43 Should I play bass or guitar?

Spotify playlist of recognizable bass lines.

The internet is very confused about the bass guitar… now at least you won’t be.

But won’t a bassist be biased when answering bass VS guitar questions?
Well, yeah a little, BUT I’ll bring in my close friend Guitar Josh for an ‘outside’ perspective, plus some questionable guitar slapping.

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