Basic Exercises to Develop Hand Independence

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Developing hand independence is something that pretty much all beginners struggle with at some point on their piano journey, it can also be the most frustrating thing to practice as well.

In this video I give you a few very basic exercises to get you started with developing that freedom in each hand.

Take it as slowly as you need, you can't learn hand independence by rushing through exercises! You need to master each one and practice them over and over until you truly feel the independence within each hand.

There are endless exercises and drills out there for improving hand independence on the piano so if you'd like to see some more, let me know and I'll make a part two!!

Download the notation for this keyboard independence lesson here.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson!! Please check back next week for another lesson, and in the meantime head on over to the PianoPig Academy website for more awesome content, and check out my social media sites below too!!

-Simon Warner, MU Educator

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