Slap and Pop Bass - Bad vs Good Technique - Beginner-Intermediate

Are you killing your slap with bad bass popping technique? Not anymore, after you fix your slap & pop essentials and nail the mythical Teeter-Totter Technique.

0:53 - Slap & Pop Essentials
2:23 - Popping Technique Variations
3:30 - Avoid Blisters with MVP
4:50 - Teeter-Totter Technique
6:58 - Basic Slap & Pop Exercise
8:25 - Popping on the D String
9:12 - Jamiroquai Tutorial
10:41 - Jamiroquai Play-along

In this video I’ll show you:

The core essentials of popping, for thumb up or thumb down slapping
How beginners kill their slap with bad pop technique
The “Teeter-Totter Technique” that all pro slappers use to keep their slaps and pops flowing easily, even at crazy speeds

First, you need to be nailing your slap technique. I’ll give you a super quick rundown, but if you’re having any slap issues you should dig into my Idiot-Proof slap video. Then we’ll cover bass popping technique basics - how the ‘pop’ sound happens, which part of your finger to use, and how to get the force to snap the string. (hint: it’s the same as with slapping)

I’ll also walk you through a quick exercise to make sure you’re not popping too hard, and dooming yourself to extra blisters.

You will still get SOME blisters… but it’s worth it to kick ass at slap bass, right?

Once we get your basic covered, I’ll go into detail on the Teeter-Totter Technique, which is a silly term I made up to describe something that every pro-level slapper is doing. (whether they know it or not)

Using this technique, slap and pop become two halves of the same motion, which gives you the kind of efficiency needed to play the slap lines we all wanna play.

We’ll wrap up by using your new popping skills in context, first with some basic slap and pop exercises, and then we’ll play part of Emergency on Planet Earth by Jamiroquai. (featuring Stuart Zender, slap master)

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-Josh Fossgreen

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