Single Stroke Roll Drumming Game - Faster Hands

The Single Stroke Roll. It's one of the most basic things we do in drumming. It's the first drum rudiment I teach students. I can still remember my teacher, Dr. John Wooton, drilling me on cleaning up my single strokes. But how can we make it FUN to practice the single stroke roll??

Here's a drumming game that I've played with students for years. It involves single strokes, music, and a lot of fun. Can you beat level 10 AND snag all of the bonuses???

And for all of you that will ask...I'm playing on a 24 year old Real Feel pad. Yes, they're worth the money.

Download the sheet music for this single stroke roll game exercise here.

Watch my 30 Days to Better Singles video here.

I hope you found this single stroke roll game both helpful and fun!!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section and be sure you check back next week for another video!!

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