Musicians Unite Initial Website Launch!!

Welcome to the initial launching of our brand new website, the new home for all musicians!!

Musicians Unite has been created by musicians that are dedicated to and passionate about helping their fellow musicians of all ages, styles, and skill levels achieve their musical goals by assisting them in more easily networking with, learning from, supporting and inspiring each other!!

Our website is simply an extension of our very popular MU Facebook Community where our goal every day is to build a positive, fun and inspiring community that benefits all members by providing a home to come together to share and learn from one another. Our website now gives us the freedom to do so much more!!

First off, make sure you register for MU right now so you can receive all the benefits registration gets you, such as a Free Lifetime Membership to MU so you'll have free access to all our entire community and website have to offer year after year, ALL FOR FREE!!

Also with this initial launching of our website comes articles, videos, podcasts, interviews, featured bands and artists, listings of upcoming jam sessions and open mics, and much more to help keep you educated, entertained, inspired, networking, and sharing with other musicians!!

Our MU Online Store is also now open with shirts, hats, and other MU Gear for sale so you can proudly show your community support!!

Email us your pictures of you wearing your MU Gear and we'll post them up on our site for everyone to see!!

While all this is happening we are also working on another very important section of our website which will be rolled out in the next few months: a highly detailed and searchable musicians’ database, where musicians and bands can build their own customized profiles and run the most detailed searches available today, so you can more easily find bands to join, musicians for your projects, or simply network with, share, and learn from other musicians all over the world!!

So as you can see we have so much more in store for you in the coming days, weeks, and months ahead as we are growing every day!! So again please make sure you take time to register for our site so that you can receive our weekly MU e-newsletter to keep up on all we have going on, plus so you can receive all of the benefits being a Founding Member of MU has to offer!!

Thanks so much for being part of the fastest growing community of musicians in the world!! Stay tuned……….

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Chris Coles

Chris Coles
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