Bass Drum Slide Technique No One Taught You

This? A bass drum slide technique??? Yeah, but it's not what you think. There's nothing worse than being on a gig and having your bass drum move every time you hit it. Sliding forward, sliding to the side...talk about a bass drum FAIL. I had this happen to me on a gig recently (I've since talked to the club about replacing the kick or getting it repaired since I have to play on it weekly...we'll see...) and I pulled out one of my old tricks. Enter, the bungee cord.

There are lots of ways you can fix this (Elvin Jones used nails in the stage floor) but this is one that is quick, easy, and works every time I use it. Just know that each situation is unique and you will need to adjust and test the tightness of the bungee so that the kick stays centered and still.

Oh...and if you get up, watch out. That drum throne is gonna move!!

I hope you found this quick bass drum hack helpful!!

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