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Use This Modal Pattern To Take Your Jazz Keyboard Playing Up a Level
A cool pattern for many musical situations!!

Learn This Neo Soul Keyboard Lick
Learn this straightforward lick that can be used in a wide variety of musical settings!!

This is How You Should Practice Guitar
Learn how to integrate easy scale shapes into chords to make your playing more musical!!

How to Add Spunk to Your Guitar
Check out how to add some cool double stops and vibrato to really spice up your playing!!

7 Easy Blues Bass Line Formulas - The Blues Box
Take your beginner blues bass skills to the next level today!!

Top 5 Jeff Porcaro Drum Beats of All Time
Learn some drum grooves of one of the most legendary studio drummers of all time!!

Vocals 101 - Introducing the Voice
Discover the three most important aspects of singing so you can improve your voice!!

Vocals 101 - The Muscles of Vocalization
Learn some exercises to play around with some of the muscles used in vocalization!!

Freedom on The Fretboard - Great Exercises
Learn how to build a solid overview of the fretboard at all times!!

5 Things That Will Boost Your Jazz Guitar Playing
Learn how to get further in your playing skills faster!!

Learn This Major Keyboard Voicing NOW!
Learn this awesome chord voicing that will work in a lot of different musical situations!!

I Wish I Had This Simple Formula Years Ago!
Discover a simple formula that will save you a ton of time in learning your scales!!

Use These Secret Chords From Famous Songs
Learn how borrowing chords from other keys can really add to your creativity!!

Without Neil Peart Musicians Unite Would Not Exist
You just never know who your music is having an impact on.

The Worst Mistake When You Study Jazz
Learn how to organize your practice routine so you don't get lost in the details!!

Breakthrough Moments in Guitar Learning
Learn how to have some of your own amazing 'AHA!' guitar moments today!!

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