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Learn the Technical Names of Notes in Diatonic Scales and Chords
Learn these terms that are used quite frequently in music!!

Music Cadences - The Four Main Types
Learn about the unique chord movements that are a part of every song you hear!!

If You Are a Drummer Doing This - You Lose
You must always put the music first no matter what instrument you play!!

2 Secrets to Better Piano Improvisation
Learn that what notes you play aren't as important as how to play the notes you choose!!

Trick To Make Odd Time Drum Beats Not So Odd
Learn a great tip to make odd time signatures a lot easier to play and feel!!

Chord Notation - Using Roman Numerals
Learn the most common way to notate any chords that relate to any key you are in!!

3 Things You Need to Improve in Your Jazz Solos
Learn how to find the problems in your playing and then figure out the solutions!!

How To Learn a Jazz Standard - Important Exercises
Find out efficient ways to learn new songs for your jazz repertoire!!

The 5 Most Common Guitar Repairs
Learn the most common repairs and how to avoid even ever having to do them!!

Top 5 The Beatles Licks That You Can Play Today
Learn some classic Beatles riffs to add to your guitar playing repertoire!!

10 Ways To Tell If You Are a Good Drummer
Learn what items need to be there to say that you're indeed a good drummer!!

How to Solo Over Chord Changes the Right Way
Learn a better approach to working on soloing over chord progressions!!

Neglected Guitar Licks
Learn how to take major triads and turn them into unique higher voicings in your playing!!

Fancy Strummin for Dummies
Learn a basic strumming pattern that is a gateway into more complicated patterns!!

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