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Why Neo Soul Progressions Work
Learn all the keyboard voicings and how you can start to create your own progressions as well!!

My Favorite Sus13 Voicing
Learn this great chord that is perfect as a passing chord or to build up musical tension!!

Easy Beginner Guide to Adding Notes to Your Chords
Learn some super easy ways to add single notes to open strings and chords!!

How to Bass - From Simple Function to Intricate Melody
Learn how to take your guitar skills and turn them into solid bass lines!!

CAGED Soloing System - in Under 10 Minutes
Improve your soloing and improvisation skills quickly and easily!!

4 Brutal Exercises for Guitar - Not For the Weak
Learn some tough but helpful exercises to really strengthen your fingers!!

Practicing Scales - This Is Something Not To Miss
Learn to break out of just playing scales in certain positions on the guitar neck!!

Get This Right About Everything You Practice
Ensure the time you do get to practice is never wasted by working on wrong things!!

A Bluesy Walking Bass Line Anyone Can Play
Learn a super fun and educational blues bass line you can play at any skill level!!

Tricking Your Brain to Learn Music Theory
Take a linear approach from piano to more easily learn the major scale on guitar!!

5x Your Chords with the CAGED System - in Under 10 Minutes
Learn this super easy way to play your chords all over the guitar neck!!

5 Bernard Purdie Drum Beats Every Drummer Should Know
Learn some classic grooves from this legendary drummer!!

II V I - You Need To Practice This For Solos
Learn basic tools and turn them into great materiel for your solos!!

The Quickest Way To Make Your Piano Improvisation Sound Good
Learn how call and response can really help your improvisation!!

How to Make Simple Songs Sound Amazing
Just because a song is two chords doesn't mean it has to be boring or common!!

My Method for Learning Songs for Guitar
Learn really basic but necessary steps you need to take to learn new songs!!

Diminished Chords - Beautiful Progressions and How To Use Them
Learn the two main categories of these chords and how to use them!!

The 5 Levels of Smells Like Teen Spirit - For Bass
Fix your flubs on this Nirvana bass rocker and take it from n00b level to beast mode!!

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