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Bass Drum Slide Technique No One Taught You
Learn a quick hack that can really save you when your bass drum is sliding!!

Secret to Moeller Stroke Revealed in Slow Motion
Learn the movements that make this such a powerful drumming technique!!

Do This To Improve Your Fretboard Knowledge
Learn how to find your way around the fretboard more confidently!!

This Is How You Should Use Scale Exercises
Learn how to connect your exercises to chords to really make music!!

Easy Math Tips to Learn the Fretboard
Learn some basic math that can really help you learn your way around the guitar fretboard!!

Harmonic Minor Scale Modes
Learn the unique modes that you can build with the Harmonic Minor Scale!!

The Harmonic Minor Scale - Building Chords
Learn the different chords you can make from the Harmonic Minor Scale!!

If Your Rudiments Are Not This Fun - Get Help
Learn how to take your rudiments from the practice pad to all over the drum set!!

5 Common Mistakes When You Learn Jazz
Learn how to approach learning jazz in a more efficient and useful way!

How To Use a Looper Pedal For Guitar - 3 Things To Know
Learn how to more effectively use your looper pedal!!

3 Easy Steps To Intonate Your Guitar
Learn some quick tips to ensure your guitar gets and stays in tune!!

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