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There are 3 Different Types of Guitar Players
Learn the 3 types and what you need to do to get and stay at Level 3!!

Biggest Challenges That ALL Guitarists Go Through and How to Overcome Them
Learn how to persevere and overcome!!

5 Unbelievably Inspiring Drummers
Here are 5 drummers to hopefully get you inspired to go create music on the drum set!!

30 Fun and Easy Songs for Drums
Watch and listen to 30 songs get played on drums that are actually not only fun but easy!!

Jazz Rhythm - The Most Important Aspect of Jazz
Learn to develop your ability to play more interesting solos!!

How To Learn Great Concepts From Thelonious Monk
Learn how to develop your own lines by studying the great players!!

What to Play When You Do Not Know the Chords
Useful tips to help you play with other musicians in all kinds of musical situations!!

The Best Chord Substitution You Are Not Using
Learn one of the finest and classiest chord subs in the game!!

The Importance of Learning the Major Scale
Learning the Major Scale gives you a common language to use throughout all music!!

Learning the Pentatonic Scales
Learn what makes up some of the most useful scales in all of music!!

3 Rock Drum Beats to Set Your Foot on Fire
Learn some drum grooves that will help you develop your bass drum technique!!

The Exercises You Do Not Do - But Need To
Learn to be able to play a solo that tells a musical story!!

How To Shellac A Tweed Amp
In this video I'll show you how you can easily shellac a tweed amp all by yourself!!

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