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Bulletproof Beginner Bass Fills - 3 Simple Steps
You don't need mega chops or theory skills to start playing great bass fills!!

10 Gadgets to Make You a Better Bassist - Or Not?
Learn if these gadgets improve your playing or if they're a waste of money!!

The Right Way to Learn Ukulele
Learn some easy techniques that will really help you get playing the ukulele!!

How to Have Fun Playing Guitar Again
Learn a great exercise that is not only helpful but brings back the fun of playing!!

Music Theory Crash Course - Day 1
Learn the most important subjects of theory that will change the way you think about music!!

3 David Garibaldi Drum Beats Every Drummer Should Know
Learn some classic funky grooves from this drumming legend!!

I Paid 8 Drummers from Fiverr To Create a Drum Part For My Song
Learn how to create a good drum part for a track by playing producer!!

Major Scales - This Is What You Should Practice
Learn these exercises so you don't waste your precious practice time!!

5 Basic Jazz Chord Exercises That You Want To Know
Learn some great exercises that will help you develop your jazz chord skills!!

How To Play Robert Glasper Chords - Neo Soul
Learn a great chord progression that has a lot of different musical uses!!

Basic Exercises to Develop Hand Independence
Learn some basic yet powerful exercises to get you started with keyboard freedom!!!

How to Build Piano Rhythm and Coordination
Learn some tips on being able to develop your piano playing coordination!!

Top 3 Danny Carey Drum Beats Every Drummer Should Know
Check out these epic drum parts from this legendary drummer!!

5 Exercises That Will Boost Your Technique And Practice
Learn exercises that help you to develop more than one skill at once!!

Secrets in the Key of A
Learn how to use open strings to your advantage to play some beautiful guitar!!

Videos 101 - Tips to Improve The Look of Your Video
Learn some quick tips to have your videos look the very best as possible!!

Drum Rudiments - Do NOT Do This - Do This Instead
Learn both the stickings and the motions of playing rudiments!!

The Two Things You Need To Practice More in Jazz Guitar
Learn how to solve some practice problems you may be having!!

How to Make Open Guitar Chords Interesting
Learn how to spice up basic open chords to add great flavor to your playing!

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