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Pentatonic Scale vs Arpeggios - Focus on The Right Things
Make sure you don't waste time practicing the wrong things!!

Coltrane Patterns - Why They Are Amazing
Learn how these small four note fragments can really add variety to your playing!!

7 Reasons Cliff Burton ROCKS plus Bass Lesson Tips
Learn tips from a metal hero that can take your bass playing to a whole other level!!

One Guitar Lesson to Solve All Your Problems
Learn a really quick way to incorporate just about everything you already know!!

Easy Hack to Beautiful Guitar Playing
Learn a simple way to some beautiful guitar playing using a couple of shapes and open strings!!

Pro Tricks to Quickly Navigate the Fretboard
Learn four tips that will help you understand the guitar fretboard like every before!!

Electric Guitar vs Acoustic Guitar - Which is Best to Start Out With?
Learn to find out the best choice for you on your music journey!!

Bossa Nova Guitar Patterns - 5 Levels You Need To Know
Bossa Nova grooves and songs are fun to play and teach you a lot!!

The One Lick I Hate More Than Anything
See how you can learn a whole lot even from music you don't personally care for!!

Play Dozens of Guitar Scales
Learn how to take a couple of guitar scales and instantly turn them into a dozen!!

3 Tips For Mastering The Piano
Learn these great ideas to really help you practice more efficiently and effectively!!

I Paid Pro Drummers To Create An EPIC Drum Part For My Song
See what happens when I hire 3 studio legends to play on this track!!

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