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The 10 Types Of Difficult Chords In A Jazz Standard
Learn the skills needed to take your harmonic analysis up a level!!

5 Scale Exercises That Are Great In Solos
Learn exercises that you can also use for building blocks for jazz licks!!

How To Inspect A Used Fender Strat
Learn what to look for when inspecting a used Strat before you make your purchase!!

The Ultimate Guide To Piano Improvisation
Learn a 6 step process to follow to help guide you through the world of improv!!

How to Play Bass with a Drummer - Foolproof Beginner Blueprint
A simple approach at learning to play with a drummer!

Vocal Health Tool – Borage Tea for Stress and Relaxation While Singing
A great beverage to calm the nerves before or after performances!!

Top 5 Jeff Porcaro Drum Beats of All Time
Learn the classic grooves of one of the most recorded drummers of all time!!

Making Music Inspiration Happen
Learn three ways to find inspiration in your music and life when you need it most!!

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