Allan Holdsworth – What He Plays in a Solo

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This Allan Holdsworth solo lesson takes a look at the scales and arpeggios he is using in a few phrases from his "Sixteen Men Of Tain" solo.

I love Holdsworth's playing and it is really interesting to try to figure out what is going on because his melodic language is pretty unique. The video breaks down 4 phrases and talks about how they are constructed using different scale sounds such as Lydian Augmented and 2 different Messiaen Modes.

Of course this is an interpretation and an analysis based on what I know about him and what I think he is playing, but if you don't agree then feel free to leave a comment!!

This entire solo has been transcribed here on the #11 Transcriptions channel.

Thanks so much for checking out my weekly lesson at Musicians Unite!! I hope you found this lesson on Allan Holdsworth's soloing helpful!!

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