50 Jazz Standards – The Songs You Need To Know

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Jazz standards are the songs you need to know to learn to play jazz. I always say "Learn Jazz - Make Music" in my videos and the jazz standards are the songs that play when you make that music.

This video is a list of 50 standards that are really useful to have in your repertoire, songs to check out when you learn jazz standards. I have split them up in some different categories because that is practical for when you are playing. You don't want to play 5 medium swing songs in F major next to each other in a set, you might find yourself playing the wrong theme at the end (true story!) Having variation in a set is very useful.

Exercises for Learning Standards Video

5 Ingredients of the Best Jazz Phrases Video

Get the PDF for this jazz standards video here.

Thanks so much for checking out my weekly lesson at Musicians Unite!! I hope you found this song list helpful!!

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