50 Easy Beginner Drum Beats from Songs

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Being a beginner level drummer isn't easy. It seems like there is SO much drum information to sift through just to figure out what you should be focusing on as a beginner. The question I had when I first started out was this: "What are some songs with easy beginner drum beats that I can learn?"

I wanted to begin drumming to songs immediately. So I made this video as a sort of easy beginner drum beat catalogue for you to reference. All of these drum beats I would consider on the beginner level, although some are more challenging than others. You can download the sheet music at the link below. As well as sheet music for all 50 drum beats you will get a downloadable set list of all 50 drum beats and their tempos for the Tempo metronome app by Frozen Ape (set list will NOT work with the Tempo Advance app).

Download the sheet music for these 50 easy drum beats here.

I hope you found these drum beats fun and helpful!!

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