5 Ways Electronic Drum Sets are Better Than Acoustic Kits

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Almost every conversation I have with drummers about electronic drum kits have a negative slant to them. Why is that? Sure, 20 years ago, electronic drums SUCKED. That's just not the case any longer though. In many ways, e-kits are far SUPERIOR to acoustic drum sets.

In this video I teamed up with Sweetwater to talk about the 5 reasons why I think electronic drum sets are BETTER than acoustic drum sets.

I'm playing on an Alesis Strike Kit in this video. Really impressed with this thing. I have found myself multiple times losing track of time and just having fun. I also haven't been able to keep my kids off of it...and Kelli actually thinks it's the greatest invention EVER lol (she's put up with my drumming for over 17 years now)!!

I hope you found this e kit video helpful!!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section and be sure you check back next week for another video!!

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