5 Types of Chord Progressions You Need to Know – Jazz Theory Lesson

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Analyzing chord progressions is something we all do as jazz musicians. We need to understand jazz harmony in order to play good solos and to improve our jazz comping.

Here's what most people seem to get wrong: Understanding the chords in the context of the song and not just looking at what type of chord it is!!

The way we apply music theory to our harmonic analysis of a song decides how well we understand the chord progression and helps us play better solos.

In this video I will go over 5 types of progressions that you can use to better understand the functional harmony that you find in a jazz standard!!

Thanks so much for checking out my weekly lesson at Musicians Unite!! I hope you found this jazz theory discussion helpful!!

Please check back next week for another lesson, and in the meantime please catch up with me on my website and social media pages!!

Jens Larsen - MU Educator

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