5 Levels of Bass Finger Exercise – Beginner to Advanced

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Stop the flailing and buzzing with these bass finger exercises - what level can you make it to?

Yes, sometimes bass finger exercises can be boring. But if you do them right, you’ll notice big gains in your fretting within a month or two of putting in just a few minutes a day.

I’ll start you out in this video with an exercise you’ve probably seen before. It seems predictable and dull but I’ll show you a way to make it fun.

Once you nail that, in Level 2 I’ll add another variable to the exercise that’ll make it way more productive. You’ll learn to stop ‘see-sawing’ your hand around and reduce wasted movement when fretting.

Are you suffering from flying finger syndrome? Level 3 will zoom in on your fretting range of motion, so you stay ready for whatever you need to play next. Most bassists suck at this.

In Level 4 we’ll tweak the exercise to include some string crossing, so you train up your efficiency for even more real-world bass playing scenarios. Again, most bass players don’t even THINK about this, let alone do it well.

Level 5 puts it all together with a full chromatic scale exercise - and a new level goal that will keep you from getting worn out or even injured.

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-Josh Fossgreen

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