3 Tips to Setting Up Your Drums Correctly

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We have all dealt with this before. We've all been beginner drummers. But this isn't just an issue for beginners. It's an issue all drummers face every day!!

Every drummer has sat in front of their drums and wondered "how do I set this drum set up correctly?". I remember all too well the overwhelming feeling of having my first drum set and trying to set up those drums to play them.

Here's the deal, drums that you see posted on websites or in music stores, catalogues, etc. are meant to do one thing...SELL DRUMS! They are NOT set up so that you can comfortably play them. They are set up so that you can see each drum, cymbal, and cymbal stand in the picture. That's it. But this leaves the beginner drummer with an incorrect idea of how to set up their drums.

In this quick video, I give you 3 tips for getting started with setting up your drums. The good news? There's no wrong way to set them up!! If it is comfortable for you, it's correct!! There are more efficient ways, more ergonomic setups, best practices to avoid injury...but "correct" is in the eye of the beholder in this case. So I encourage you, if you are a beginner drummer (or a more experienced drummer that is struggling with their current drum setup), take some time to really get to know your drums and to set them up in a way that is comfortable for you and your body type!!

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I hope you found this discussion on setting up your drums helpful!!

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