3 Blues Triangles That Will Massively Change Your Soloing Today

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I LOVE discovering new "hacks" and patterns on the fretboard that simplify the complex. I discovered this one after more than 35 years of playing guitar.

So, let me show it to YOU and save you TONS of time.

Download the PDF for the Blues Triangle lesson here.

In my journey of playing guitar, I found that most lead players spend a LOT of time on the top 3 strings. I also found that there are 3 triangle patterns that work like a charm for improvisation (especially in blues music).

These 3 triangles appear on strings 2 and 3, but of course can be "fitted" to any 2 strings.

The great thing about this is by just moving the pattern and being aware of where the tonic (red dot or red/blue if in the triangle) you can play ALL over the blues scale in minor OR major. It will take some time to get used to this just like every new trick and technique.

That said, your mission is to improvise with one pattern ONLY and get very acquainted with it before trying to get a feel for the others.

Thanks for watching this lesson featured here at Musicians Unite, I hope you found this lesson motivating and helpful!!

Check back next week for another video!! In the meantime, please check out my website and social media pages!!

-Erich Andreas - MU Educator

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