10 Songs that Taught Me Bass – Easy to Effin Hard

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No, it ain’t just a vanity post - I’m gonna give you tips on soloing, rhythm, speed, endurance and more through these 10 songs.

0:00​ - Shameful Intro
0:29​ - Song #1
1:16​ - Song #2
2:03​ - Song #3
3:07​ - Song #4
4:25​ - Song #5
5:22​ - Song #6
6:40​ - Song #7
7:58​ - Song #8
9:10​ - Song #9
10:08​ - Song #10
10:44​ - Secret Song #11


Yes, here we go, on a colorful journey through 10 songs that taught me bass… what’s that? You’re just scanning the description for the song titles?

Tsk tsk. You’ll have to watch the video, where I’ll tell you cool stuff like:

How Ray Charles helped me get started (not personally)
What it took to learn my first Ramones song
Life lessons I learned from AC/DC
The coolest walkup ever from The Headhunters
How to take prettier solos
Paul McCartney is good at playing with a singer
How to swing 16ths like The Meters
That time my hand fell off trying to play Muse
That time my other hand fell off playing the Mark Guiliana track at the end

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-Josh Fossgreen

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