10 Must Know Easy Funk Drum Beats

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I discovered funk drumming when I first began learning the funk drum beats that many of the songs I played on Bourbon Street in New Orleans required. I had never listened to ANY of this funk music, so it was a complete schooling in and of itself. Remember, this style is meant to GROOVE. Pocket is your friend. To quote Parliament...One nation, under a groove. This is a quick lesson on 10 easy and fun funk drum beats you can learn and use today!!

Oh, and my apologies for not filming the last drum beat. COMPLETELY dropped the ball on that one but I had already told you at the beginning that I would teach you 10. So, snag the sheet music at the link below and check out that 10th drum beat. Don't worry, I fired myself. But then I had to rehire myself because it's my business. So...you're stuck with me lol!!

Grab the sheet music for all 10 funk drumming grooves here.

I hope you found these funk grooves both fun and helpful!! Let me know which ones are your favorites!!

And make sure you check back next week for another video!!

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