10 Gadgets to Make You a Better Bassist – Or Not?

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Do these bass gadgets improve your playing, or is it just marketing B.S.? I put them to the test - no sponsors, no punches pulled.

0:58 - Creative Tunings Spider Capo
3:17 - TC Electronic Aeon String Sustainer
5:09 - Guitar Triller
6:25 - Vox amPlug 2 Bass Headphone Amp
7:50 - Blackstar Fly 3 Bass Practice Amp
9:40 - TC Electronic Unitune Clip + Korg TM50
11:42 - Gruv Gear Fretwrap
14:35 - Gruv Gear Fump
17:16 - Hipshot XTender Drop Tuner

Practice setup tips from the BassBuzz forum

Wanna know how I rated all these bass gadgets? Then watch the video, silly. It’d be soooo boring to just write them here. Here are some quick descriptions of what they do:

Creative Tunings Spider Capo - allows you to selectively capo individual strings, giving you a lot more customizable tunings than a standard capo.

TC Electronic Aeon String Sustainer - Modeled after the EBow, the Aeon sends out a small magnetic field that makes the string vibrate. (translation - it’s magic)

Guitar Triller - multi-surface string striker that you can use to get a bunch of interesting sounds, very different tone than fingers or a pick.

Vox amPlug 2 Bass Headphone Amp - plugs directly into your bass, so you can easily practice with headphones, no amp required so you don’t annoy the neighbors or wake up your family.

Blackstar Fly 3 Bass Practice Amp - a tiny tiny amp that you can carry around easily. Don’t buy without watching my no-holds-barred review at 7:50.

TC Electronic Unitune Clip - A bass-friendly clip-on tuner with strobe or needle display.

Korg TM50 - A classic Korg tuner/metronome combo, with backlight, pitch generator, and standard metronome controls. Current gen is the TM60, I’ve had this TM50 around for a few years.

Gruv Gear Fretwrap - straps onto your bass neck to keep your strings from ringing when you’re not playing them. (and some other muting functions)

Gruv Gear Fump - a muting device you slide over the strings next to the bridge, giving you a pseudo palm-muted, old school tone

Hipshot XTender Drop Tuner - this bass gadget is a replacement for your normal tuner. With the flick of this switch lets you drop your E string down to a lower note and back on the fly. (anywhere from Eb to a low B)

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-Josh Fossgreen

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