1 Drum Beat – 100 Songs

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1 beat, used in 100 songs? Actually, I could have made this a lot longer. The songs start at 0:42. A lot of you have asked me to upload drum covers over the years. This has always been a teaching channel, not a drum cover channel. But, I think we can do both in this case. The "Money Beat", as it has been referred to, has been used on COUNTLESS popular songs. 1 beat used as the foundation for most of modern pop, rock, country, CCM, and so much more. As a drum teacher, this is the first drum beat I teach drummers. Why? Because there are so many songs that they can play if they simply master this one beat. And their first question? "What's a song that uses this drum beat?" Well, where do I start?

So here's 1 beat that is used in some part of these 100 songs!!

And on a sidenote, recording this in one take was the musical equivalent of a seizure. Mad props and thanks to Tim Buell for his effort on this video. Couldn't have done it without ya buddy!!

I hope you found this quick drum roll lesson helpful, eave a comment below and let me know what your favorite song out of the 100 was!!

Make sure you check back next week for another video!!

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