The Impact Music Has on Our Lives

The way some people release pent-up emotion is through music. They may be listeners or they may be trained in the creation process. This latter is a way of life for the musician.

I fit in this second category. Music is a way of life to me, but it also helps relieve stress. It is the one true love that has never failed me nor ever let me down. I can count on music to be there for me to the end. And even if my body gets too crippled to be active enough to play guitar, I can still listen to others play. And even if one day I’m deaf, my mind will play tunes only I and the angels can hear. No one can take the music from my heart or soul.

I personally believe the good Lord gives us all talents and abilities to nurture and develop, and music was the gift I received. We musicians will tell anyone: Music is in the blood and vital to our lives as much as the air we breathe or the water we drink.

Music has been around since the beginning of time. Music is integral to the very building blocks of creation; you’ve heard of the Music of the Spheres? This is true as true can be. It has been said, too, that music has magical healing powers to cure whatever ails us, both physically as well as mentally.

I’m a lover of pretty much all kinds of music: from folk to jazz to country, southern rock, and even heavy metal. I don’t have one favorite style, because I love it all.

I'm the type of musician that aims to please the crowd he performs for, and that’s why versatility is vital to a good performance. If a musician plays only one style, it will eventually bore said musician to tears, and will get old very fast. A band like that is stuck in a rut and will eventually fall apart.

That’s why I play everything I can, so when I go into a club, and the manager says he wants country music, my band can do that. Or if he says they want rock, or something else, we can fill those needs.

We’ll have a large number of songs we play, and if requests are made, it’s a good bet we can do them. We also take note of any song requests not on our list and we’ll learn the songs, and the next time we return to that club, we’ll be rockin’. You can count on it.

Pleasing the crowd is why we’re there, and we love it too much to fail our fans. Our music is a part of us that will never be turned loose or set free. If we did, it would be the same as ripping our hearts from our chests. Our lives would never be the same again. Music is with me 24/7; I dream about music. Listen to it on the radio while driving, sing when taking a shower or a walk in the rain, and any get-together is a time to jam. Life without music is like a void without light or sound. I can’t function without my music.

When I'm playing music, I am the most comfortable, and at peace in my world. I’m satisfied as nothing else can satisfy me. My greatest joy is when the crowd gathers around, dancing to the songs my band and I play.

When music has an astounding impression on people’s lives, we know we’ve done our part as musicians. Whether it’s from the musical tune, the harmony, or the lyrics we’ve played, any song that has that kind of powerful effect on someone's life is a song that will never be forgotten. Proof, indeed, that music’s impact gives us the strength to endure anything in life.

Think about how music has impacted your own life and share with us what those ways are in the comments below!!

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JD Couch
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