Music Soothes the Mind and Soul

Music to the musician is an extension of their soul. Their tunes pour out of their heart, filled with strong emotion. All who listen are overcome with awe. Some of their songs will please fans and even bring them tears of joy. Others will generate sadness. Having some element within the theme that listeners relate to is what makes a song memorable.

Fans love a song they can relate to, regardless of who sings it. A song that speaks directly to them will become a favorite, and it can be by a local musician or one of the big names, like George Strait.

George is the only man I know of in country music who has over sixty Number One hits. He knows how to communicate with fans through his songs. And that’s what I call music that soothes the mind and soul.

When a song has a deep strong meaning behind it, the fans will devour it passionately. That is the type of song a musician needs to write if they want people to love their songs.

It’s the same way with cover music, too. I suggest do as I do. If you want to perform a cover song, don’t try to imitate the original artists, but make that song your own and you’ll be the musician you want to be.

I like to mix my song list with at least thirty good cover songs, and I’ll add in ten of my best original pieces. This has always served me well. You might say, "I bet that took a lot of practice.” The most honest answer I can give to that is, “Yes, it did. Seven days a week, four to six hours a day. It’s the only way to excel.

It is a lot of work, but the more a musician practices, the better they become. Their lyrics, their style, and their composing become better in all aspects of their music career.

There is no better feeling in a musician’s life than when a fan meets them on the street, and recognizes them, and says, “I heard you and your band play and love the way you made every song touch my heart.”

Fans like this will spread the word about how your music soothed their mind and soul. And soon, others will seek you out for the same experience.

JD Couch - MU Columnist

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