Music Comes From Feelings of the Heart

Every musician that I know of doesn't just play their instrument of choice, whatever that may be, with their body only. A musician plays their instrument with their heart.

Whether they play Gospel or Heavy Metal, Country or Jazz, the music coming out of their instruments is what lives in their hearts at the time.

Music comes to the artist in many ways, shapes, and forms. It might spring from the sorrow seeping from the crack in a broken heart. It could be inspired by the tinkling of wind chimes blown by the wind, or maybe a train rolling up the tracks. It could be the song of a meadowlark or bees humming in a clover field. It might be the joy of a newborn baby or last night's dream that left you feeling wistful.

Music can come from anywhere at any given time. Whatever inspires musicians to write certain songs, the motivation that drives them to create the music creeps up from that deep well and out flows the lyrics. Words formed in a secret place, in the heart and soul, need an outlet for expression. Desires and feelings, and how to react to every incident, has touched the musician's inmost core.

This is who we are. Music exists because our love finds a way to express our feelings. And from this love of what we do, we reach other's hearts too. It's a God-given talent that brings us peace, as well as relieves the stress of everyday life.

Music is centered on heart-felt feelings. It lifts other's spirits, and boosts morale. It helps listeners to relax and will put smiles on their faces. It opens hearts and minds, and puts one's soul at ease.

The music will never be forgotten by anyone who hears it. If they relate to what is being played, they'll know instantaneously that the music comes directly from the feelings of our heart.

JD Couch - MU Guest Author

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